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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The News And Times: 3:26 PM 12/26/2020 – George Blake, British Spy Who Betrayed the West, Dies at 98 – The New York Times

3:26 PM 12/26/2020

12.26.20 – George Blake

george blake – Google Search
george-blake-dead – The Washington Post
George Blake – Wikipedia
George Blake, British Spy Who Betrayed the West, Dies at 98 – The New York Times
Стала известна причина смерти советского разведчика Джорджа Блейка | Общество | Аргументы и Факты
George Blake: The last of Britain’s ‘ideological’ double agents who retained faith in communism to the end | The Independent


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    A digitally created fake Queen Elizabeth II danced across TV screens on Christmas as part of a British broadcaster’s warning against the proliferation of misinformation 

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    Archaeologists uncover ancient street food shop in Pompeii 

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    Wishing a happy and joyous Kwanzaa to all those celebrating — from our families to yours.

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    FBI ‘identifies person of interest’ in Nashville bombing and ‘raids home where RV was parked’ 

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    Woman’s suicide note posts days after she jumped to her death in Hudson Yards 

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    We the People Have No Representative Government:
    It has come to this. We, the American people, no longer have a true representative form of government. We are now saddled with an assembly of people, elected to office, who 

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    Умер легендарный советский разведчик, бывший офицер британской MI-6 Джордж Блейк. Ему было 98 лет.

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    The Chinese economy is expected to surpass that of the U.S. in 2028 — five years earlier than previously forecast: report 

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    Cops caught suspect in Cuomo aide attack with help from The Post 

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    On this day in 1944, Patton’s Third Army links up with the 101st Airborne at Bastogne.

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    In the past few days I have received Christmas greetings from Rome and other parts of the world. Since it is impossible to respond to everyone, I express my gratitude to everyone, especially for the gift of prayer, which I willingly reciprocate.

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    On this day in 1776, George Washington marches his army into Trenton, New Jersey and captures 900 hungover Hessians. News of the early morning raid reenergizes the flagging rebellion.

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    Accused NYPD cop shooter claims he was only aiming for his girlfriend: prosecutors 

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    Nashville police chief hails heroic six cops who ran into danger to evacuate residents before bomb-rigged RV exploded 

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    On this day in 1991, the Soviet Union is officially dissolved. The USSR existed for exactly 69 yrs and 4 days.

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    In addition to the thousands of NYPD cops out there tonight keeping NYC safe, many of our officers are wearing their 2nd uniform, deployed & protecting our country during this holiday season.
    To them & all the men & women who stand that line every day: Happy holidays & thank you!

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    We too can change evil into good each day. Loving actions change history: even the ones that are small, hidden, everyday. For God guides history through the humble courage of those who pray, love and forgive.

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    Trump is so predictable:
    1. The defense bill is vital to US defense & security, so he vetoes it: Forcing the Congress to work hard to salvage it.
    2. The covid bill is vital to US welfare, so he does not sign it until it is dead w/o a veto.
    3. Will he burn the Congress on Jan 6?

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    DEVELOPING: A parked recreational vehicle exploded in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas morning, blowing out the windows of nearby buildings, fire officials say.

    No injuries have been reported. 

  20. Of Mink and G-men, Part 2 – 2:09 PM 12/25/2020: The new Red–Green–Brown alliance, its political agenda, Covid-19, and the New Abwehr (hypothetically) … 

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  21. Of Mink and G-men, Part 2 – 2:09 PM 12/25/2020: The new Red–Green–Brown alliance, its political agenda, Covid-19, and the New Abwehr (hypothetically) … 

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    Long Island man steals tractor, crashes into Target: cops 

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    President-elect Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden share message: “We’re on this Earth to care for one another.”

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    PICTURED: Bomb-rigged RV that exploded outside Nashville AT&T transmission building 

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    A months-long ?theft pattern that spanned 2 boros came to a halt when our District 4 team cited a public urinator who bore a resemblance to the wanted suspect. Conferral with investigators confirmed their suspicions & the man was soon arrested for 9 prior acts of Grand Larceny.

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    Gunman busted in NYPD cop ambush apologizes for shooting 

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  27. Of Mink and G-men, Part 2 – 2:09 PM 12/25/2020: The new Red–Green–Brown alliance, its political agenda, Covid-19, and the New Abwehr (hypothetically) … 

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  28. Red–green–brown alliance – Wikipedia  The term red-green-brown alliance, originating in France, refers to the alliance of Leftists (red), Islamists (green) and the far-right (brown).[1] The term has also been used to describe alleged alliances of industrial

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    Long live the queen’s annual Christmas message.

    The world might be in disrepair amid the coronavirus pandemic, but not even that could stop Queen Elizabeth II from delivering her yearly Christmas Day remarks. 

  30. Red–green–brown alliance – Wikipedia  › wiki › Red–green–brown_alli…
    Red–green–brown alliance. From Wikipedia,

    The Green Brown Political Alliance – Google Search 

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    President Trump and the first lady share a Christmas message, thanking frontline workers and praising the coronavirus vaccine 

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    Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has commended frontline workers for their efforts during the pandemic, expressing during her annual Christmas television broadcast how “moved” she was by the “quiet, indomitable spirit” shown by people over the last year 

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    From Flatbush to the Rockaways and to the North Bronx, our Neighborhood Policing team fanned out this holiday season to add smiles to the faces of our tiniest straphangers through several toy giveaways. Well done Districts 11, 12, 23, and 32!

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    WATCH: Pope Francis calls for needy, vulnerable people to get first coronavirus vaccinations 

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    Purported video of the aftermath of this morning’s suspected car bombing in . Extensive damage to buildings.

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    Execution of only female federal prisoner on death row halted 

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    Many just want a hug for Christmas this year, Queen Elizabeth says 

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    to all the men & women of the that are working today, sacrificing time away from their families

    Thank you for all of your hard work & your dedication to keeping the citizens of safe

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    ICYMI: There’s this thing called ‘science,’ you may have heard about it.

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    Merry Christmas!

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