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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The News And Times: The Mink Pandemic Just Keeps Getting Worse – The Atlantic – 12:56 PM 12/25/2020

12:56 PM 12/25/2020

The Mink Pandemic Just Keeps Getting Worse – The Atlantic 


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    Papst fordert in Weihnachtsbotschaft Corona-Impfstoff für alle 

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    An explosion shook the largely deserted streets of downtown Nashville early Christmas morning, shattering windows, damaging buildings and wounding three people. Authorities said they believed the blast was intentional. 

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    Christmas Night 1776, Washington Crosses the Delaware:
    “Floating ice in the river made the labor almost incredible…Night was cold and stormy; it hailed with great violence.” Merry Christmas and thank you to the patriots who defend American freedom, past and present.

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  4. News Review – 9:07 AM 12/25/2020: Attention, FBI: this is the valid lead and roadmap for the investigations of the criminal-political aspects and origins of Covid-19 Pandemic: Mink Farms, newly allied Far Right and Green political groups, the New Abwehr 

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    More than 100K residents lose power as storm ravages NY, NJ on Christmas 

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    Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch sells for $22 million 

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    Trump pardons include former officer who released police dog on man 

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    ¡Feliz Navidad! ???

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    I congratulate all Christians and Muslims of the world, particularly our Christian compatriots, on the birth anniversary of Prophet Christ, the Messiah (pbuh).

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    NYPD union boss says shooter felt emboldened to open fire on cop 

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  11. Coronavirus in mink pelts – Google Search  The United States, too, has confirmed that mink have contracted coronavirus on fur farms in Utah, Wisconsin, and Michigan, though so far there is no evidence that mink are making humans sick in the U.S.

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    of the Day (St John 1:1-18)
    Et Verbum caro factum est, et habitavit in nobis…
    And the Word was made flesh and made His dwelling among us. 

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  13. Audio Post – U.S. to Require All U.K. Arrivals to Show Negative COVID-19 Test in Bid to Stop Spread of Mutant Strain 

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  14. Audio Post – U.S. to Require All U.K. Arrivals to Show Negative COVID-19 Test in Bid to Stop Spread of Mutant Strain – 5:16 AM 12/25/2020 | Recent Tweets 

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    All signs suggest that Trump is Putin’s servant:
    1. Trump has never criticized Putin.
    2. Trump has persistently opposed any action against Putin (but sometimes overruled).

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    Christmas is the feast of God’s love for us: the divine love that inspires, directs and corrects change, and defeats the human fear of leaving “safety” to cast us back onto the “mystery”.

  17. 12:42 AM 12/24/2020 – “This is rotten to the core” – Audio Post – Trump pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Charles Kushner | Trump pardons – Google Search 

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    GOP senator on Trump pardons: “This is rotten to the core” 

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  19. 12:42 AM 12/24/2020 – Audio Post – Trump pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Charles Kushner | Trump pardons | 

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    I wonder if Trump is being paid for vetoing the defense bill. If so, it must be Putin. I wonder how much and through what channel Putin could pay Trump. That should be investigated by a future Truth Commission. POTUS’s complete financial secrecy can no longer be tolerated.

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    Today’s cover: Billions in foreign aid, pet projects stuffed into COVID relief bill 

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    Заседание Госсовета и Совета по стратегическому развитию. Главная тема – реализация Указа о национальных целях развития России до 2030 года 

  23. Nato-Russia tensions: what a Biden administration can do to lower the te…  via @YouTube

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