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Saved Stories – None: Big shoes to fill: Advisory committee approves next Mossad director –

The government’s Advisory Committee on Senior Appointments has approved a candidate to succeed current Mossad Director Yossi Cohen in June of next year.

Cohen began serving as head of the Mossad in January 2016.

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The appointee’s name is still under wraps and he is known only as “D.” He is a veteran of the elite Sayeret Matkal Unit in the IDF and considered a close associate of Cohen’s.

The advisory committee issued a statement on the new appointment for the top position at the Mossad: “After examining the information presented to it, the committee found no ethical flaws with the candidate D., or any ethical flaws in the considerations on which the decision to appoint him were based.”

After D.’s appointment was announced last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was a “highly experienced Mossad man of many achievements.”

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