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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The News And Times: 2:27 AM 12/20/2020 – Wow! The Grandy iz going BANANAZ -Z-Z-Z!!! – M.N. | Блин. А деду-то совсем плохо, оказывается…

Wow! The Grandy iz going BANANAZ -Z-Z-Z!!! – M.N.

 2:27 AM 12/20/2020


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    Блин. А деду-то совсем плохо, оказывается…

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    Modi surprises with Sikh temple visit amid farm protests 

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    Congress nearing deal on $900 billion COVID-19 relief package 

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    Congress reaches deal on new economic-relief bill, $600 stimulus payments 

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    Report: Car bomb kills 9 in Afghan capital

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    Netherlands bans flights from UK to prevent spread of Covid-19 mutation 

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    We are so lucky they are idiots.

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    Isn’t it illegal to call for a coup d’etat in the US? If so, why aren’t the people who loudly do so arrested?

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    We wish everyone the safest and healthiest holiday season possible. Keep wearing masks and staying 6ft apart.

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    VA Hospital, Staten Island health care center left out of COVID-19 vaccine program 

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    Fauci tells children: “I vaccinated Santa Claus myself” 

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    Trump breaks his silence on huge cyber attack and says China may be responsible 

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    Although Moscow has rolled out a mass Sputnik V vaccination drive, skepticism and distrust towards Russia’s anti-coronavirus campaign has kept many Muscovites from getting the jab, @felix_light reports 

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    Trump has not said a word on the massive cyberattack on U.S. government agencies in recent days, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo finally admitted that it was “pretty clearly” done by Russia 

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  17. 12 hours ago — Kushner Helped Launch Shell Company That Paid Campaign Funds To Trump Family: Report.

    kushner – Google Search 

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  18. “The Cyber Pearl Harbor” just happened. What is next?! – Tweets by @mikenov – 9:16 AM 12/19/2020 

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    Oh boy. Navarro has migrated from China expert to Covid expert to now American election expert in the span of one year. What’s next? Cyber security expert? Only a few weeks left.

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    FDA investigating allergic reactions to Pfizer vaccine reported in multiple states 

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    China tails US warship as it sails through Taiwan Strait 

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    Scientists searching for aliens tracking “unusual” radio wave from sun’s closest star 

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    LIVE: SpaceX makes its second attempt to launch a satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office from Cape Canaveral, Florida 

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    Mistake. I already tweeted a thread about it

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    Obama shares that Malia’s boyfriend quarantined with their family early in pandemic 

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    Pompeo confirms Russia WAS behind cyber attack on US that one Congressman compared to Pearl Harbor 

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    After breaking off from the Antarctic ice shelf three years ago, an iceberg bigger than Rhode Island is closing in on some of the world’s largest penguin colonies on South Georgia Island, a remote British territory 

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    Meghan McCain hits Trump over attacks on father: “You have disgraced the office of the presidency” 

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    Michael Flynn tells Newsmax that Georgia runoffs are “fake elections” 

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    When Donald Trump’s campaign tried to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, Al Schmidt, one of three city commissioners on the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, found himself trapped between his party and his principles. 

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