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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The News And Times: 1:05 PM 12/18/2020 – On Twitter: “Russia is not a declining power.” Then, what is it?

1:05 PM 12/18/2020

Michael McFaul




Russia is not a declining power. The sooner were retire that image of Russia from the 1990s, the better we will be able to address the current challenges from Putin’s Russia to American national security interests today.

Michael Novakhov




The USSR did not look it either. The optics depend on the microscope, metrics, and the intuitive intangibles. Politically – morally she is in her “Black Hole” of the “Mafia State” for quite some time already. Is this a decline or a transition? To where? Enlighten us, por favor.


  1. What is going on ? Are these the preparations for the DOD vs. Biden? What are their plans and positions? The clarity is desirable.

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    Millions of Americans don’t have enough to eat, are falling behind on housing payments or have had trouble paying their bills. And millions of Americans are lapsing into poverty.

    This is how things are getting tougher for Americans 

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    Trump’s Pentagon chief STOPS all co-operating with Joe Biden transition despite department being under attack from Russian hackers 

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    Cops arrest alleged arsonist who killed subway conductor in March 

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    Most US workers support COVID-19 vaccine mandates for offices: survey 

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    On this day in 1972, President Nixon orders a massive air campaign against North Vietnam following the collapse of peace talks with Hanoi. The so-called “Christmas Bombings” will end 11 days later with 16 B-52s having been shot down and American crews threatening mutiny.

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    Russian-British media mogul Yevgeny Lebedev was officially sworn in as Baron of Siberia and Hampton on Thursday, swearing his allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II

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    President-elect Joe Biden will have a small, State of the Union-sized audience for inauguration. 

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