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Mass Shootings

August 18, 2022 1:02 pm

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Saved and Shared Stories

Saved Stories – None: The National Security Law Podcast: Trumplandia in the Twilight

Hey, we’re back on our weekly schedule! How ’bout that … now we’ll probably skip the next three, but hey, until then, we’ve got a quite a show, not to mention the launch of our holiday charity drive! What’s that all about? Well, it’s simple: give $5 or more to Casa Marianella, forward the emailed receipt that you get from them to (.org, not .com!), and you will be entered in a drawing. What drawing? Well, after January 15, we’ll pick one of the entries at random, and that person will be invited to join us (date to be determined jointly) to CO-HOST an episode with us! Do it! Do it! C’mon, do it!

What’s that? Oh, right. This week’s show actually talks about:

  • Barr out, Rosen in
  • The demise of the Ken Paxton (well, “Texas”) election suit
  • Electors doing their jobs, electors doing…something else
  • The “Safe Harbor” rule and justiciability of electoral slate challenges
  • The SolarWinds cybersecurity mess
  • TikTok v. Trump: The DC Circuit seems poised to accept TikTok’s IEEPA interpretation argument
  • The roadmap to closing GTMO under the Biden administration (well, we are speculating, but still…)
  • Did you know the Periodic Review Board authorized a GTMO transfer the other day? That’s 6 approved for transfer, out of 40 remaining overall.
  • Another trial judge for the 9/11 case…or one of the old ones is back.?
  • DOD ending support for CIA Title 50 operations?
  • The NDAA: veto or not?
  • If not, then here’s what Section 1702 does for Congressional oversight of “sensitive military cyber operations”
  • The Supreme Court’s Briggs decision: bad news for a certain podcast co-host
  • Is it just me, or is this least really long?
  • Frivolity: The Mandalorian of course. Or is it the Manladorian? (Google it)

Saved Stories – None