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Saved Stories – None: Man shot dead in broad daylight outside Dyker Heights home

A 33-year-old man was shot dead in front of a home in Dyker Heights early Saturday afternoon, authorities reported.

Officers from the 68th Precinct found Arfan Butt, of 73rd Street in Bensonhurst, sitting inside a vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, Butt had been inside the vehicle with two suspects who then got out of the car and began firing at Butt. Following the gunfire, sources said, a Mercedes-Benz pulled up to the location; the perpetrators hopped into that vehicle and fled the scene.

EMS rushed Butt to Maimonides Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

No arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing.

Butt’s broad daylight killing comes just one week after 31-year-old Zaid Zindani was fatally shot in an almost identical manner. According to authorities, on Sept. 5, Zindani was shot in the face and neck as he sat behind the wheel of a Masarati on 63rd Street near 17th Avenue in Bensonhurst, within the confines of the 62nd Precinct.

The Dyker Heights shooting is also the second to occur in the 68th Precinct in one week. On Sunday, Sept. 7, 62-year-old Bay Ridge resident Michael Scully was gunned down while walking his dog by alleged shooter George Vayos after what law enforcement sources described as a long-standing rivalry.

Around the same time on Saturday, Sept. 12, another young man was shot and killed in a separate incident outside Fort Greene’s Ingersoll Houses. That investigation is also ongoing.

Police from the 88th Precinct investigate a fatal shooting at the Ingersoll Houses in Fort Greene.Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

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