Mass Shootings News Review Michael Novakhov - In My Opinion

I got a horrible suspicion…

I got a horrible suspicion: the persons – subjects of the FBI COINTELPRO, who were brought into the psychotic or quasi-psychotic state by these technics, are picked up after that by the hostile intelligence services (the Russians are the prime suspects, of course) and somehow recruited or pushed to commit mass murders. This scenario might imply some degree of cooperation, or “collusion” between the FBI (most likely the moles) and these hostile services. Would the FBI be willing to investigate this hypothesis in honest? I very much doubt it: they are not even willing to acknowledge that the various instances of the mass killings, although without apparent or discernable motivation in the overwhelming majority of cases, might be the product of the hostile intelligence activities. FBI, I think that you should acknowledge this, and you should investigate this hypothesis in honest. It is the well-known fact that FBI tends to minimize or to deny the problems if it cannot understand, explain, or solve them. “In fact, the agency has blundered many terrorism investigations and thus jeopardized the security of Americans.”

Michael Novakhov